MBD Old Fashioned - 2 parts MBD Bayside Whiskey, 1 part MBD Sweet Lulu, Angostura bitters, orange rind, over ice!

Mutiny Manhattan - 2 parts MBD Bayside Whiskey, 1 part MBD Sweet Lulu, 1/2 part MBD Blueberry Liqueur, dash of bitters, berries or cherry in bottom, over ice or shaken, strained and served!

Island Mule - 1 part MBD Bayside Whiskey, 2 parts ginger beer or ginger ale (or to taste), fresh lime juice, lime slice, over ice!

“Palouse Julep” - 1-1/2 parts MBD Palouse Gold (or MBD Bayside Whiskey), 1 part MBD Sweet Lulu, fresh mint (muddled), soda water to taste, lemon or orange twist, over ice! (Some recipes call for 2 oz MBD Bayside Whiskey and 1 oz MBD Sweet Lulu.)

Mutiny Sweet Tea - 3 parts chilled black tea, 1 part MBD Sweet Lulu, lemon or orange twist, over ice! (We use Lipton Coldbrew, which is easy and not bitter. Add a little baking soda if bitter.)

Cucumber Lulu - 1 jigger MBD Sweet Lulu, cucumber slices (or try fresh ginger!), soda water, lemon twist. Muddle cucumber and add other ingredients over ice!

“Sweetini” - 2 oz MBD Sweet Lulu (or as wished), pour over ice in shaker, strain, add lemon twist!

Blueberry Mojito - 2 parts MBD Blueberry Liqueur, 1 part soda water, fresh mint, lemon twist, blueberries. Muddle blueberries and mint leaves, add liqueur, soda water and lemon!

Blueberry Spritzer - 1 part MBD Blueberry Liqueur, 2 parts soda water, lemon twist, over ice!

Blueberry Lemonade - 1 part MBD Blueberry Liqueur, 3 parts rosemary lemonade, over ice (add lemon juice to taste if too sweet)!

MBD Coffee Liqueur - Serve 2:1 with half and half or cream, in coffee with whip, over ice, or neat!

Summer Coffee Break - 12 oz pilsner (or your choice of beer), 1 oz MBD Coffee Liqueur. Rim glass with lemon or lime wedge and dip in Rod’s Special Dipping Salt*!

White Russian - 2 parts MBD Coffee Liqueur, 5 parts vodka, 3 parts cream!

Coffee Chata - 1 part MBD Coffee Liqueur, 1 part Rum Chata, over ice! Add cinnamon for a cinnamon toast!

“Island County Fair” - 2 parts root beer, 1 part MBD Coffee Liqueur, dollop of vanilla ice cream or cream, over ice! (No ice if using ice cream.)

“Whiskey Joe” (MBD version of Black Russian) - 2 parts MBD Bayside Whiskey, 1 part MBD Coffee Liqueur, over ice!

Angel Tip - 1-1/2 parts MBD Coffee Liqueur, 1-1/2 parts Amaretto, cream. Build over ice, stir gently, float cream on top. Serve with cherry garnish!

MBD B52 - 1/2 oz MBD Coffee Liqueur, 1/2 oz Bailey’s, 1/2 oz Grand Marnier/Cointreau/Amaretto. Serve as a layered shot or shaken with ice for a cocktail!

S W E E T L U L U A N D O T H E R S U G G E S T I O N S !

Use MBD Sweet Lulu for fruit flambe or over flan!

Inject MBD Sweet Lulu into strawberries with a syringe and dip in chocolate!

Use MBD Sweet Lulu as a glaze for pork chops!

Mix 2 parts MBD Sweet Lulu with 1 part Blueberry Liqueur (over ice if you’d like)!

MBD Blueberry Liqueur over lemon sorbet, or over cheesecake!

Add MBD Blueberry Liqueur to your lemon drop martini!

Brush MBD Bayside Whiskey over the top of carrot cake before frosting!

Try MBD Sweet Lulu over ice cream, or with cream over ice!

Use MBD Sweet Lulu in baking (creme brulee, bread pudding, almond cake, etc.)!

Replace simple syrup, sugar cube, or sweet vermouth with MBD Sweet Lulu in cocktails!

Use MBD Sweet Lulu in a berry trifle!

Add MBD Sweet Lulu to sangria, coffee, hot cocoa, and milkshakes!

Brush MBD Sweet Lulu on salmon and add some pepper before smoking!

Try whipping up some MBD Sweet Lulu whipped cream!

Use MBD Sweet Lulu as a dressing for a fresh fruit salad!

Add 1-2 oz MBD Sweet Lulu to a glass of hard apple cider!

Drizzle MBD Sweet Lulu over grilled peaches!

Marinate apple slices in MBD Sweet Lulu and use in an apple pie! (Drizzle MBD Sweet Lulu over the baked pie!)

Try MBD Sweet Lulu in a marinade for jerky!

Add MBD Sweet Lulu to your teriyaki sauce recipe!

*Rod’s Special Dipping Salt: 2 T kosher or flaked sea salt, 1 tsp cayenne pepper (or to taste), 1/2 tsp celery salt, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp onion powder! Rim glass with lemon or lime wedge, dip rim in salt, pour drink, and enjoy!